Building a 4-color Screen Printing Press


I recently had a birthday and my incredible husband did the most amazing thing anyone could have done for me. He bought me a 4-color micro-adjusting screen printing press!!! Amazing, right?!? I know… So I opened the box and expected it to be in pieces as it was, but I also expected something else. Instructions….which were limited to just the photo of the completed printing press. So I scoured the internet to find instructions, youtube videos to give a clue, but found nothing. So I assessed the photo and the parts and tried to put them together in an order that made sense to me. Let me just say I did this slightly wrong, but it turned out beautifully anyway because I was able to backtrack some of my mistakes. I also put out a video on Youtube I created to show the process, but you’ll see a lot of the mistakes in the video.


If you’d like this 4-color screen printing press for yourself you can buy it here:

4 Color 1 Station Silk Screen Printing Press Fine Tuning T-shirt Micro-registration Screen Printer

If you’ve bought this press and need help understanding how to assemble it, please do it in the order I’ve listed below. Hope this helps.

  1. Make sure you have all the pieces. Look in the bottom of the box as some screws and nuts may have come loose in transit
  2. Attach the rolling registration piece to the arm base 
  3. Attach the clamps to the adjusting brackets. 

  4. Attach the adjusting brackets to the arms. 
  5. Screw in the red micro adjusting nobs into the adjusting brackets and clamps.
  6. Unscrew all the small screws from the base of the lazy susan
  7. Attach the grey swiveling part of the arm to the lazy susan with the same screws you just removed from the base. Repeat 3 more times.
  8. Loosen all 8 hook and eye screws all the way till they nearly come apart. If they come apart they can easily be put back together.
  9. Connect the hook (of the hook and eye screw) to the eye screw connected to the lazy susan base and attach the eye (of the hook and eye screw) to one side of the spring and the other side of the spring attached to one side of the arm. Tighten the hook and eye screw till the arm is resting upright. Repeat 7 more times.
  10. Remove the plastic and rubber band around the protruding piece on the bottom of the arm.
  11. Find the center of the white t-shirt platen and center the black platen bracket and mark where the screws will go. Pre-drill the holes to screw the bracket into the platen. Use the small screws packaged with the black tightening knobs that go with the bracket. Don’t over drill, you don’t want to come through to the top.
  12. Tighten the platen to the arm of the base and make adjustments to placement if necessary.
  13. Place a screen on each of the clamps and adjust the clamps, arms and platen to make sure the screen is sitting off of the platen with enough “off contact” but is parallel to the platen.
  14. Make sure you have enough room around your press with screens installed to make a full rotation with the base of the lazy susan without hitting anything.


Once you’ve completed all those steps, you should have a pretty swanky screen printing press. I originally completed these steps in a different order, but after doing this once, I realized that this order would have made putting this thing together much easier. Best of luck and happy printing!