Remove Emulsion and Reclaim Your Silk Screen for Screen Printing


I reuse my screens constantly and by doing that I have to clean them between jobs. I use envirostrip to clean my screens at home. It’s environmentally safe and safe for home use. I buy from Anthem Screen Printing, but you may be able to find this somewhere else.  

Here’s a quick video to show how I clean out my screens.


I’ve used this emulsion and it works with this emulsion remover:


These are the steps I take to clean out the emulsion from my screens.

  1. Wet screen on both sides
  2. Apply a small amount of emulsion remover
  3. Scrub screen gently with a soft scrub pad until all emulsion seems to be softened
  4. Rinse out screen with hose
  5. If not all emulsion is removed apply a little more emulsion remover
  6. Rinse again
  7. If emulsion still remains in spots, use a pressure washer to clear out stubborn spots. Be careful with this step as you may damage your screen.
  8. Finish cleaning screen with degreaser so it’s ready for the next time you want to burn a new screen.
  9. Set out to air dry or place in front of a box fan to dry faster.


Best of luck and happy printing!