Printing T-shirts - Quick and Easy

This was a pre-order for Onyx Edge Studios - a podcast network my husband started. I designed the logo a few years ago and have done multiple things with it, like printing shirts with the old diy 4 color screen printing press and making this recording light.

We needed more shirts, so I got to work making the screen and setting up the press. This was a quick and easy print with only 20 shirts and one color. They all turned out beautifully. I used speedball white with a retarder so the ink wouldn’t dry in the screen.


I then let them sit out overnight and pressed them with my heat press to heat-set the ink.

I made a quick video of the printing process as well. Check out the video below.

If you’d like t-shirts or something else printed as well, contact me and I’ll get you a custom quote.

Thanks and happy printing!